Saturday, February 21, 2015

Urgent request resurfaces 5 years later.

Five years ago I shared an urgent request about a good friend and co worker of Jengishes.   His name is Baski, and he was basically told he would not live.  That was 5 years ago, and with the intervention of many of you we were able to get him the care he needed and he survived, and did very well.

He has been keeping a very close eye on his health, and just recently it was found that the tumor is returning. This time they were more prepared, and he and his family have managed to cover the operation expenses, but not able to cover all the post opp care.   They need about $250 to meet this need.  I have instructed Emma and Jengish to go ahead and advance him the first $100 to look after him, but we need your help to cover that and the rest of his care.     If you would like to be a part of blessing Baski and his family in round two, please use one of the donation options at the side of the blog .

Below is the original post from May 2010

Bazki preparing Ploff for us.
I have just found out about an urgent need .... I was going to focus on raising funds for our next year.... but unfortunately life does not always fit into our schedule... Life goes on, and so do the trials and the hurts faced by those around us... and just because we are in a place of need ourselves, I can't forget why we are doing this.... it is when I get letters like this from my friend Jengish that I realise how fortunate we are.. and at the same time I feel such a responsibility to help , especially when we have a personal relationship with those most closely affected...

May 12....
Hey John,
How are you? How are the preparations for the "Jump without a parachute?" hehe.
Hey John, do you know Bazki. It's the guy that is in charge of work projects at the rehab centre ..
So when I came back from US, I noticed that he had a bump on a left side of his head. I didn't really think anything of it. I thought he might have bumped his head on something.Then when I asked him how he got it, he said that it just appeared right after he buried his mom. I thought, maybe it was stress related.
A week ago, I noticed that his bump was not just an outside thing. I noticed that something was pushing his left eye out.

I took him to the doctors, and they told us to get an MRI.
We went to the MRI place, and got a picture taken of his brain. They secretly invited me inside, and told me that it's serious and it needs a surgery. When I walked in, I noticed the photo before the doctor took it away. The tumor looked pretty big. He told me it needs to be surgically removed. I cannot pay for his surgery. Can you please help us? Raise some support for him?
He is like the dad for all of us . He is the guy that disciplines us, and encourages us. He is that older guy that serves as a father figure for all the students at the centre.
I'd hate to lose him. He such an awesome guy. He doesn't know he has got a tumor in his brain yet. I'm going to have to tell him tomorrow. He has got wife and kids, and without his support they won't do well. His youngest is 11 years old.
Please, can you help with surgery?
I attached his photo on the message

May 14...
We went to the Neurosurgeons office today. He said that the tumor is huge, and he was amazed that Bazki still could walk and talk. he said that it was there for quite a while, but the tumor got some blood in it, and it caused it to start growing.
It's size of a big peach. His brain is all squished to one side.
The surgeon said that Bazki will not be able to use his right leg, and his right hand for a while, and his speech is going to slurred for a while.
Bazki just found out about it, and he seems very shocked. He keeps touching his head where the tumor is, and keeps moving his right leg. I think he realizes soon he will not be able to use it.
Anyway, the surgery and after care is going to cost about 1000 dollars. I hope we can raise enough. He'll go for tests on Monday, and he'll go into surgery on Wednesday if we can find the money .. Hope that the tumor is not malignant. Hope that he comes out fine.


Bazki posing with Julie and some of the men

I will only have the weekend to figure out where this money is going to come from if I am to get it to them in time for the operation... If you are able to help us, please don't wait....

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