Thursday, February 12, 2015

"In the Hands of Love"

We are down to the wire now , getting ready to depart our Canada home, bound for Kyrgyzstan, by way of Washington DC.  Now you just know that there is a story in there somewhere, and there is.

First off , we are excited to be stopping in Scranton PA to visit friends on Saturday , then Sunday  Feb 22nd at 10 am we will be sharing at Trinity Congregational Church about some of the incredible things happening in Kyrgyzstan . If you are in the area, we would love to see you .

Sunday night we will head to Virginia where we get to spend a few days with some more incredible people, including two of our young friends from Kyrgyzstan who after almost 8 years of stalled adoptions have finally made it home .  We had promised them that we would come and visit them in their new homes when they made it to America. I think we are likely more excited about this visit then they are .  We are just so blessed to have been a part of their lives.

Wednesday we fly out from Washington , and travel through Istanbul . This flight is actually just over 1/2 the price as a flight from Toronto, so it worked well .

Once we land, we will have a day and a half to get things ready , then we have a team of 10 people arriving from Cincinnati ,We are so excited about this team coming, They have been with us since the beginning , and love those we work along side . It will be great to have them back again.

Some of the things they will be doing are starting the construction of a barn at the farm, Taking kids to the hot springs, bringing food to families and institutions in need, including the homeless shelter and the seniors home.  They will be working on the Hospital clinic and bringing supplies play equipment to the Baby Orphanage.  Dinners with students , our coworkers and a woman's day celebration are also on the schedule .  There trip will end in Bishkek with a cultural event, bringing the LAMb kids and workers to supper and the Ballet.  Watch the blog for updates , you will be blessed .

It has been a while since I have given a list of some of the current needs, I have kind of gotten stuck on the scholarships the last week .  This is still such a big need , I highlighted one of the girls needs, then Bekah called right away asking which girl.. she has a few in the same boat.  For this we would like to raise another $1000 so they can continue to stay in school and graduate in a few months .

Another big need is with one of the guys at the farm .  We had worked with him in the past at the rehab center, in fact he headed up the chicken project there, and did a great job.  He now has Cancer, and could not stay at the rehab center any more.  He has been living at the farm, and Jengish and Emma have been caring for him.  This morning they brought him to the hospital where he will have another round of Cimo as soon as we can find the resources.  He needs $250 for the next round.

One of the guys at the farm is working on his documents so that he can begin to move on .. for this he needs $150

Another boy we work with will be graduating this year, and the school called Emma in for a parent teacher interview and shared that he need to pay $80 for everything to do with the graduation, so that is another pressing need.

Of course our monthly general fund could use a little more help. we are still short about $400 a month there.  It is starting to get stressful.  We know to trust God, and he always seams to come through , but just !.  We would love if some of you would consider signing up for a monthly support for the general fund.

Another need we have is for our sponsorship fund.  We currently have 8 kids sponsored at an orphanage where we cover a homework club 5 days a week, as well as tuition for a few of the younger ones in kindergarten.  We also provide shoes, clothes as well as birthday parties for the kids. There are aprox 15 kids there at any one time.  To balance our budget we need to have 9 kids sponsored .. we have 8 .. Just one more will cover what we are already committed too, more then that would allow us to provide some of the extra's , like fresh fruit and Vegetables from time to time, or special outings for the kids.   If you would like to help with this, let us know and we will share more information privately.

So much more one the go, but those are just a few of the needs that we have in front of us right now.

Out at the farm there is a new batch of baby bunnies.  One of the babies the mother has taken a disliking to , so it will now reside with Bekah at the apartment until he is big enough to rejoin the others.. he does love the attention and feels right at home and safe in the hands of love.

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