Thursday, February 19, 2015

In this together

Lots going on.  We are busy packing and having some last minute meetings and such , but first check this out .. Jengish has shaved his beard.  Winter must be almost over in Kyrgyzstan 

Jengish has made a big batch of Shorpo for the homeless shelter 

We were excited this week to receive another grant  from the Rotary club for work at the hospital. Last fall we built the new waiting room and clinic.  The grant is to get them new furnishings and equip the exam room .  as well to put in an air conditioner / heater .    
Another exciting thing this week is that our friends at the Julia project have sent us some scholarship funds for us to be able to support the young Law student that I shared about a few posts ago.  This will be such a blessing to her I am sure.

Despite the long hard winter , the food supplies that the team from NH stocked us up with in the fall have managed to carry us through the winter, but alas, they are coming to an end, but just in time, support from Possibilities International  will allow us to restock and get a spring food drop out to many of the students and families in need.  

Yesterday, Julie was at a WM evening, and they took up an offering for the farm, and we will be able to buy them a new goat when we get there, as well as a donation for another couple giant rabbits.  We also had a donation come in last week for another food share from the farm.
We head out tomorrow morning, our first stop will be in Scranton PA.   to visit friends on Saturday , then Sunday  Feb 22nd at 10 am we will be sharing at Trinity Congregational Church about some of the incredible things happening in Kyrgyzstan . If you are in the area, we would love to see you .

 The next stop is one that we have been waiting for 7 years to make .  It will be to the Washington area where we will go to visit two young friends who are now joined their family after so many years .  We will leave our car there and fly to Kyrgyzstan from Washington.  This will be a good excuse to be able to visit again on our way home in June.  

We will land in Kyrgyzstan on the 27th, and the 28th we have friends with a team coming from Cincinnati joining us.  We will begin construction of the barn that has been sponsored by their family at Ambassadors Point . 

These are just a few of the people and organizations that have supported in the last couple weeks , there are so many more over the last few months we have been home .. I am reminded of this video I put together a couple years ago.. " We are in this Together" written and sung by our son Benjamin ..      

Thank you to everyone who is making this journey with us every day.  

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