Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"praise God he has you and the Jeremiah house! "

  Yesterday when Larisa and Tanya were here, we showed them some video's that they were in,  I had used them as an example of victorious living, and had shared their testimonies, of how they have over come 

This morning, bright and early, as is typical  of Vlady , we had a visit.  He brought us some of the produce from his garden, as well as a couple bottles of his honey.   

The main topic of conversation with him was the Bio Diesel project we are starting this fall.  A couple of key issues , first as an engineer, would he be interested in overseeing this project.. he was very excited, and said that yes he has studied the process, and is ready to go... not only that, but he has the location ready to drop the container to start the build .  He also has experience with the green house part of the project.    We are so encouraged by this,  we have seen so many times in the past what a great teacher Vlady has been with the kids we work with, and I know he will be incredible working and training kids as part of the Jeremiah project. 

After the meting with Vlady, we had a meeting with Costya and Olga , but first stopped on the way to do a little back to school shopping with a couple of our kids .  They are living with an uncle , and brought along there little cousin since he is heading to school for the first time .. 

The bazaar workers were happy to see us ,  There was a time that as a foreigner I had to hide so that the price would not go up, but now, we have reached the point that as soon as they see me they drop what they are doing and right away help us, and of course the price DROPS by about 20 % from the best deal that they would normally give..  I think that they know that this is the first of the wave of kids we will be coming with .... and they are right . 

We got these boys some school supplies to get them started, but tomorrow we will send to the big  Bazzar for supplies for several of the orphanages , and our Jeremiah kids. 
It was nice to spend some time with the boys , and I know they were happy to see us.  We did not have a lot of time for  big food shop for them today, but did get a bag of flour and a jug of oil for them, and we will take them some more food next week . 

  While at the bazaar , one of the kids we have worked with for a long time met Julie and Emma.. She gave them big hugs... but right away Julie knew that something was wrong.  Well she was right , it turns out that they are now out of the orphanage and living with relatives, and grandmother , There is not enough support for them, and they also shared that they don't have any documents so they can't go to school or work... and some how this is OK... NOT .. Here are two beautiful young girls , basically on their own.. What do you think the future will be for them ... fortunately , we have options .. we have the program coming together to be the support that they need, and its a good thing, because these girls know us and trust us, and have felt comfortable enough to ask us for help.  Tomorrow night they will be coming to the house for supper, and we will get to the bottom of it.  

That was all by 10 am  .. then we went to Dayspring and saw the kids.  .. in no time at all, I felt as though I had known Costya and Olga for ever ..   I had a chance to share with them some of the plans we have for the next three months .  Then after a nice visit, it was down to business... School starts in a couple days , and we have over 2 dozen kids who are part of our sponsorship program .     

Costya went to the bank , then came to the apartment to meet with Sergey and  Anya ...  We needed to move quick to get this all dealt with ,   as we began distributing funds , I started to get choked up a few times when I realized what this meant to the kids that we work with .  I got even more choked up when I think of the sacrifices that have been made by our sponsors to be able to meet these needs ... FYI this is what 1/2 a million som looks like , but look fast , an hour later it was gone .... but the impact that it made will last for an eternity 

We discussed the sponsorship program with Costya, and shared about some of the kids on the list.  over half of them are a product of the orphanage system here.  so as part of the scholarship support, we will provide a small monthly food budget for the kids.  They will be able to come to the Jeremiah drop in center each month to pick up their support for the month, but  what was more encouraging to me was Costya's eagerness to get to know the kids , and provide more then just the food money, but would like to be able to be more of  help and support for them... 

It is late, it has been a long day, but I sit here tonight so thankful for a willingness and and an eagerness I have seen to make this work... 

We have kids already coming to us for help.. knowing that they can trust us.  We have staff on the ground that are ready and willing to be the mentors that these kids will need if they are going to make it.. We have the LAMb organization behind this 110% , ready and willing to do what it takes to get this project off the ground. Most of all,  we have sponsors that have heard our hearts cry for these kids, and have stepped forward to do their part..  We don't take that lightly.. it is one thing to join into something like this when it is up and running, but it is another to have the faith to send the funds, those seeds of faith to see something as powerful as this come together .   As this continues to come together, we re going to need  lot more who will join the vision ... one donor at at time , providing the answer for one child at a time ... like our two girls we will be meeting tomorrow .... 

I recognize this has been a long post, but it has been a long day , but I want to leave you with part of a correspondence from a friend of ours who is 4 years into the adoption struggle of one of our kids .  We have watched he and his friend grow up , and as an older child, he exemplifies the need for the Jeremiah project . 
" things SHOULD start up again...doubtfully before the end of Sept,

 but probably after. As for our young friend , unless he was miraculously still 

listed as a "pipeline" child, it's not going to work out, 

but praise God he has you and the Jeremiah house! "
Perhaps you would like to be involved with making Jeremiah house a success by sporting the kids that society has left behind ... The needs are so great ... and there are so many that we would like to help, but we can only commit to long term support for these kids as  sponsors come forward to be a part of the solution.
please consider a monthly donation... you can simply choose an amount from the drop down screen on the donation button on the side , then follow the link...  I have two young girls  coming for supper tomorrow night that have asked for help... 

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