Wednesday, August 01, 2012

fruit of the month club ...... Apricots

This was another exciting day for them men from the mens home .  Emma went with Larisa and Tanya, to bring the fruit of the month to them , and as a special bonus, they had a  couple friends along who brought crutches and canes .. 
 Every one got a big bowl 
new friends were made 

Tanya helped to organize this event.. 

What a great photo , love seeing all my friends , they all look so happy .. Good job Emma and Larisa , and a special thanks to the fruit sponsors and an Honorable mention to Christy and Ruth for your help and donation of the crutches . 

on the home front, we have Jonah here with us tonight.. fun day .. hot tub.. BBQ... Hot tub ... fishing ... hot tub ...snack... BED... out like a light ... 

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