Thursday, August 30, 2012

One child at a time , one sponsor at a time

We knew this day was coming , we saw it in the future ,  and we have felt the burden to be ready for it.... but our hearts still break ... 

The Jeremiah project is so vital to the future of  so many at risk kids.  We new that many of the kids we have worked with in the past would be timing out of the orphanage soon, but when the vision and the dream starts to turn into reality, there is a strange mix of emotions .. Excitement that we have things coming together and we have not been taken  off guard, mix that with a deep hurt that this is necessary.  

We sat at the table with a couple girls last night and listened to their stories.. We have a strong history with them, so they felt comfortable to come to us for help.

One of these girls is just 16 years old and has graduated from grade 9.  She had no idea what to do now.  We decided it would be best if she just staid the night , and just now, Emma has left with her to go meet some of our staff to take her to see the schools and colleges in the area that would be an option for her . 

I mentioned .the other day , One child at a time... one sponsor at at time.... if you would like to help with this, please consider choosing an amount from the drop down monthly sponsorship box on the monthly donation link on the side of this post.  

We are so blessed that we have a sponsor for one of these girls... ..  

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