Thursday, February 09, 2012

updates and plans

Vlady just sent a photo from his last visit to "The dump lady".. I really do need to get a better name for her.. I will work on that .. but like I said before , he really does care.  He just came back from bringing her a load of groceries. 

We have begun another tour , raising awareness for the work in Kyrgyzstan , along with bringing reports from the work completed.
We have received word that Jengish has received his Canadian Visa, and we are just waiting on word about his US visa.  He will join us as we travel.  So stay tuned, as soon as we have his travel dates, we will let you know where we will be going .  One date for sure is Friday march 2nd.  This is Julie's last day at her old job.  It's the day that she takes the big step.  We will be celebrating with a coffee house party for her , all are welcome .  

While I was thinking about the coffee house and the traveling , I got thinking about that .  We are so blessed.. every where we go, there seem to be people that want to take us out for coffee.. I wish we could just travel all the time and had the time to visit with every one.  It is such an encouragement to us, and we are always just so revitalized after a few weeks on the road.  But the work must go on, and the work in Kyrgyzstan in calling... then I got thinking what if ?  What if we did have opportunity  to  have a coffee with you. or at least virtually.  What if rather then treating us to a coffee, we put that money to use to make it possible to continue to help the hurting helpless and lost around us.  

please take the challenge , sign up now for a monthly sponsorship equal to one trip to the coffee shop of your choice.   On the top right corner of this blog you will find a donate button that will guide you in the Wright direction. 

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