Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Canada and Kyrgyzstan .. at the same time

Last week I received a note from our friend Vera from the rehab center and out reach center in Orlofka.  It is still very cold there, and the only had enough coal to last a week.. from my estimates, maybe one or two more days now.   I have mentioned it a couple times , but did not have any response, but at the same time I have such a burden for the work that is being done at the center.  It is the only rehabilitation center for women of its kind.  Jengishes center is working toward setting something up for women, but for now this is it.
   Women that come to the center are given both the skills and opportunity  to change their lives around .  We are always dealing with the down stream results of alcoholism  on a family, but here we have the opportunity to help set a family right again, and break the cycle of poverty and orphanages for these families.
  I had been asking how we can meet these needs, and God has been faithful.  Today the girls , my mom , and I cooked lunch for a seniors day at our church.  I was asked to make soup and sandwiches. usually about   20 attend.  when I was asked how much it would cost, I just said don't worry about it, just put out a basket and people can just put in as they can afford.    Well we got a little carried away, I made a nice butternut squash soup, garnished with fresh kettle corn chips.  Then for the main coarse we had individually rolled spinach lasagna served with a Mediterranean salad and a  calibresy loaf , garnished with a cheery tomato and miniature banana... then for desert we had NY style cheese cake with strawberry compote.  When I was shopping I got a little carried away, and bought enough for 40 people .... we had 38 show up for lunch.  
   When all was said and done, we had not only served a beautiful meal that was honoring to the seniors in our church, but we had also received enough in the basket to cover the cost of the food , AND THE COAL....
   It was such a blessing to be able to do something special for our family in  Canada and Kyrgyzstan at the same time .   Feeling blessed to have had the opportunity.

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