Monday, February 20, 2012

Jengish day 1

It sure did not take him long... Jengishes first day in Canada and he is having a blast.  We were sitting at the Snarrs home after lunch and all of a sudden we hear sirens.  When we get up to look out, we found Jengish playing with the fire men..... 

During the morning he had shared some stories, and made mention not feeling he could  trust the police in KG, so as soon as he was done, they took him off to the police / fire station.  What a great group of  people , he had such a good time .

It was nice for him to connect with the Snarr family again.. it seemed weird for everyone that it was happening on this side of the planet.

Jengish did a great job in the morning , he was sharing some stories of  how we got started working with the homeless,  how things are going at the rehab center, and as well shared about many of the experiences he has shared with us.  Everyone was thoroughly engaged .  

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