Monday, June 27, 2011

“Let him be neither mine nor yours, but divide him.”

We have always tried to remain some what neutral in the whole adoption issue as far as our work in the orphanages is concerned,. We have taken this stand so that we could continue to go into the orphanages and help the children with out being seen as a threat. In the last three years we have come to love these kids. especially for the 65 children that are waiting for the hold to be lifted. some in particular have a really special place in our hearts, and it may seem strange, but some we almost see as our own... so it is no wonder that this same feeling is evident in the orphanage workers that are caring for the kids every day. Just As we wish there was something that we could do, now even some of the orphanage workers and directors are starting to grow increasingly desperate with the situation... it appears that NO ONE wants this life for these kids yet they are still in a place of limbo. Over and over again we have seen different levels of government both side of the issue stand up and claim to be looking at the best interest of the children, yet they continue to sit and wait. Solomon would have been stumped at this one as it appears that both sides are good with the idea of simply cutting the baby in half... 1 Kings 3:26
Non of the powers that be realize the impact that their procrastination is having. I have seen first hand the needless loss of life as a result. We have sat in Hospitals and exam rooms with some of these kids as attempts are made to provide a level of care for them that can only be provided in a more advanced medical system.
Before returning to Kyrgyzstan in March, we decided to personally visit the families and the homes of children that have been or are waiting to be adopted from Kyrgyzstan... I can't begin to describe the anguish we felt as we drove into picture perfect surroundings and visited the future homes of children we know and love. We have seen there bed rooms and they play rooms.. we have held their toys and have listened to the hearts cry of the families waiting for them... and not just parents, but aunts and uncles, cousins and grand parents.. we have even visited with their neighbours... They say it takes a whole community to raise a child and yet we have entire communities waiting to take up the role, yet the children still wait. for 26 days 4 flights 5000 km of driving.. and the common factor for us was children and their "HOPE for a future.."
One image that continues to play over and over in our heads is a vision we had.. in a quaint picturesque little village in a farming community in the finger lakes district, we passed a road side ice cream shop. Across a large field we could see in the distance a few Victorian homes, one of which was waiting for one of our little friends to come home.. I shared with Julie the vision I had of our little friends riding his bike on a hot summer afternoon to this very spot to get an ice cream to bring to his dad in the fields..iv>
Words are not enough .. if they were the kids would be in loving homes by now... it doesn't help to stand up and scream... many have done that. At times like this, I think it is important to realize that not everything is in our control, nor can it be fixed by us.. but that does not mean that there is not a solution... everything else has been tried... how about this

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