Saturday, June 04, 2011

In HIS hands

As we are coming down to the end of our stay it is so easy to get overwhelmed with some of the needs that we have on our hearts.  Many are so important to the individuals we will be helping, and others may not at first glance seem as important, but are the connections and ties that give us the favour that we are experiencing.  

   Just today we were at the men's home teaching English.  It was a little earlier then usual as we were also helping with a children's day party in another village.   Then there was a flurry of excitement, and we were asked to come to the dining room .  There we were sat down with the rest of the staff, and the minister of health ( I think) arrived with a previous director to introduce the new director.  After the introductions, we had a quick meeting to introduce each other.  The minister asked us directly and personally to please continue to support the home, and particular the immediately need of the dining room and kitchen .  We assured them that we are committed to working with Larisa, and that we have been waiting until the new director is in place before beginning.  We now have a meeting on Monday to discuss further projects and how the ministry can be a part.  I am thinking back to a time when we first arrived in Central Asia... any one from the government was referred to as  " the checking people " , and that was our signal to go quietly in a room somewhere out of sight and hunker down until they left.  Today it seems to be the opposite.  rather then hiding us away somewhere , we are dragged out and paraded in front of the "checking people " 
   Once again I found myself in an important meeting , standing there in my shorts and a t shirt, and my rubber flip flops... I explained that we were dressed for work , I think he understood... 
 As we talked to the minister, he said that he was very aware of the work that the LAMb team has been doing in Kyrgyzstan, and that he is very pleased with the help, not just here , but the training that Ruby and her team have been providing may of his  people .  He also said that the men's home is not the kind of place that is normally easy to find people willing to help, but he has seen what has been accomplished since his last visit 1 1/2 years ago, and it is evident to him that the LAMb team are friends of Kyrgyzstan.  He then shared again how important the renovations are to them . 
  It has always been clear to us that as long as we continue to work threw Larisa and bring improvements to the home, her place in the home will be secure.  this is vital to us for every thing that we do here at the home, and if we are going to continue to have unprecedented access to the home, it will be through the efforts of Larisa.
   Its just an example I guess of how just one project has far reaching repercussions. and yet we seem to be burdened with so many... I guess the thing is that we have to just be ready and willing to do out part when the time is right , until them , we simply have to put them into Gods hands.  
 "Never worry about anything. Instead, in every situation let your petitions be made known to God through prayers and requests, with thanksgiving.  Then God's peace, which goes far beyond anything we can imagine, will guard your hearts and minds "

Please join us as we add a few of our current needs to that list...

-new septic system for TB hospital.. currently running in open trenches
- three girls just became orphans .. need monthly support and scholarship and house repair
-blind society needs computer
- young girls needs sponsorship to attend hillsong college in Ukraine
-heart operation for small girl in hospital 
-orphan moved to Germany for heart operation
-little girl needs eye surgery to remove skin grown over eyes
-Orphanage needs renovations and activity room com pleated 
-self sustainability project for Dayspring and rehab Centre
-IUCA students need scholarships 
-more school money because of increased tuition
-legless dancers to competition in Turkey 
-men's home floor in dining room
-men's home finish upstairs shower room in the hospital section
-13 more beds for Maternity hospital
-water system repaired for the hospital 
-beds sheets and blankets for TB hospital 
-orlofka summer kids program 
-tatchka driver medical needs 
- home for Samats family 
-portable dental clinic 
- Home for the Uzbec families
- 20 tons of coal for winter  for families in need 
- 6 tons of coal for DaySpring
-15 tons of coal for seniors home
- young girl needs an arm 
-surgery to relieve the pressure on a young mans brain

I am sure there are many more when I start going back through our notes, but these are just off the top of my head.  Each and every one has a person or a group of people attached to them that have little else to HOPE for .. for many, this is the last place, and now they stand !    I know that they may not all get done. I sure am glad that my responsibility only lies in sharing the need. the rest as I tell our friends here ,is out of my hands.  they are in HIS.

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