Thursday, June 02, 2011


  Ones again the blogs are down, as is the sight that does the e-checks.. fortunately pay pal is still up and running .   It just gets frustrating.  but that's not the only thing that is frustrating.  We have been helping our Tatchka driver.. he has liver damage from drinking. If we can get him detoxed and a little healthier, he can go to Jengish, and stands a good chance, but that just seems so far off.  Because of his health issues, he can not go into a detox centre, and yesterday he started to have hallucinations.. when we got to the hospital, he was trying to push his bed around the room, thinking that it was his cart... not surprisingly, they looked almost the same... any ways the hospital can not keep him because of this.  After spending a couple hours driving by ambulance to other hospitals to try to admit him, they decided that he is too sick, so they will just send him home.  
   This was not surprising to us, but it is upsetting.  the night before we had experience with this when the vise mayor and police chief heard we were in the village, they cam to us and asked for help. The hospital had just dumped a men in the parking lot in the centre of town.  he is close to death and they did not want to deal with him. When were able to make some calls, and get him admitted to another hospital.. It pains me that this is something that the mayor and the chief of police can not do, yet some foreigner can make a call and get help.  These two men had such concern for this poor sick man , they were respectful and caring toward him.  This is what we strive to show here , The people are changing, yet the system continues to do injustice to those trying to survive in it. 
   All te time this is going on, our phones continue to right , it is almost panic on the end of the phone as people are calling with needs .  They know we are going soon and are desperate to get us to come and see them.  I have tried to explain that we will continue to try to help them when we return to Canada, and that we have so many here in Kyrgyzstan that will continue to help, and share their stories with us, but for some reason, this time that seems to be little comfort.  
   I also get so frustrated with the unjustness of people that think that they are doing good, but are so counter productive.  We know of a young girl that was a victim of bride knapping , she was beaten and held against her will , after breaking free from this 13 years later, and starting a new life, a missionary has interfered, and has told her that she must go back to this man and ask him to take her back as he feels that this constitutes a marrage... I try so hard to be culturally sensitive , but I have NO TIME for stuff like this.. Live is such a delicate thing, and must be treated with such care and respect.. something that is in short supply some times .   I sure hope today is a better day .... Putting on our armor today and heading to battle  

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