Saturday, February 05, 2011

Why should I expect any different?

I have been trying to set up Satellite TV for my mom before we head back to Kyrgyzstan next month. We get very few stations, and can not get cable out were we are. I called and worked out a pretty good deal and arranged for them to come last Monday to install. Of course they never showed up.. don't know why I expected any different.. so yesterday I Finlay called and asked what was going on.. They had no work order, in fact they said hat they don't have anything showing that they were it install the satellite.. I then started the phone bounce around their network.. all asking "Who where you talking to?" to which I would always reply.... Someone that Bell Canada had deamed competent enough to answer the phone and conduct business on their behalf." It's times like this that you begin to learn just how many different divisions and levels that the Bell has.. I am sure that it is not for efficiency sake but for deny ability sake.
I say Oh never mind .. lets just set it up again.. No problem... well yes there is a problem.. you see they can't set me up for the service unless I purchase it rather then rent... because I ALREADY HAVE A BELL DISH THAT I HAVE NOT PAID ANY RENT ON.. ya the one they had no record of... so finally I am back to someone at the Bell sales / accounts office.. After being told again that they have nothing on my profile about the satellite TV, and they start to claim full disconnect and question if it was even a Bell satellite I ordered, I say to him " Will you please go to the notes on my account, and tell me the last time I phoned your office." "Yes sir.. last Wednesday" ... " And now tell me what the notes say was the reason for the call" .. to which he replies .. " Yes it was to order Sate...l...i.....t........e... tv " "OK So now lets see how we can get the information from that screen to the one that tells someone to show up at my house".. Of course you know it was not that easy and the fun continued for another 10 minutes.. then the fool says .. is their anything else I can do for you today Mr Wright ... so I figure well I have him on the line.. I ask him to fix my phone because when I get a long distance call it now makes three short rings.. He starts to tell me that this is a good thing.. so I have to walk him through the problem... " One ring is for us... two rings is for my mom.... and tell me Who should answer the phone when it has three rings... ?".. after stumping him with this question, I then ask him to remove the call interrupt off my phone that starts beeping when I am talking and someone is trying to call... He then tells me that I don't have that service .. and never have.. funny It did it an hour ago when I was on the phone.. so I say to him " Look in the notes on my account.. do you see a call from me in November? what does it say in the notes...?" at which point her reads " Please remove call waiting from line". I then told this poor fellow that I had spent enough time with him this morning, but would leave him with this little project to sort out for me...
I always seem to expect more from companies here in Canada then in Kyrgyzstan.. I have no idea why.. the only difference seems to be that in Kyrgyzstan their English is better !

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