Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Lost in translation .. one more time

I must always remember when dealing with translation, you must think very literal, and not just one part of the sentence but every little area of a sentence must be dissected, or you are in trouble ... A lesson I am still learning, and one that will likely continue to learn.
Many of you will remember my internet experience.. I went in to get Internet. they told me that it would cost $65 a month.. Ouch.. I did not really have much choice, I need internet, so I asked .. "Is this unlimited"? fair question... answer "Yes" so I went ahead and got it.. 10 days later they called from the internet company to tell me that I had to bring them another $110. "WHAT I thought it was unlimited"... "Yes it is, there is no limit to the amount you want to purchase" was the reply... This came as no surprise to me as this was the same office that would not except my $4.15 and turn my phone back on until I pd Lynn and Ruby's internet bill.. after all I like them was a foreigner... so I should pay their bill and then go get my money from them....

Today I got a call. Three of our college kids that we sponsor have a small problem. They need to pay their tuition now.. So again.." I thought we paid the tuition for the year for them" .. "you did"... and this is a new year! so for Luba, Jildiz and Shakier, I need to come up with another $500 for them to continue college.

Just one more thing to add to my growing list of things that we will need to take care of .

On a brighter note, I just received confirmation that we have a sponsor that will cover the cost of 15 of the 23 beds that we need for the Baby hospital, so we will be able to get a good start on that project...

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