Wednesday, February 23, 2011

catching up photo's.

32 hours on the road, and some incredible sights , but more incredible is all the people that we have been meeting that share our burdon for the people of Kyrgyzstan. Pictures all loaded in reverse order, so here we are working backward... Traveling through the Blue Ridge Mountains

We had the privilage of meeting with many wonderful friends who have adopted from the region , and continue to carry a burdon for the kids.

Bob came to work with us last fall, and now we got to spend some time with his incredible family.

Channing came in to town to meet with us and the Delliles to work towards setting up an Orphan care ministry group.

Met Melvin, a great young pastor who has a real vision for his church and it's impact on the world...

spent time with the Dellile kids .

Bekah brought back this cool sweeteer from KG. it is from the Kyrgyz special forces.. We just knew that John Innis would appreciat it.

Pam and Ann hosted a great gathering in the DC area

We got to meet John and Lorri's new baby

Julie snuck a few photo's while I shared about what we are doing in KG

in Hanover NJ we had a great visit with Marleen and Peter and the girls.. We also had an opertunity to share at their school. Emma nd Bekah were invited back to share with the grade 7 and 8 class and answer questions for them .

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