Friday, May 28, 2010

Letter to you... from Acel & Talant

The Wright's have very big hearts, enough to fit everyone here in our city , and all the villages around. Not just here, but everywhere. Even when we were able to help needy people around us and our family, we didn’t because we are thinking about our own needs but when we met John & Julie and when we saw how they were acting and trying to help people, our life is changing and our families life is changing and whenever they are here we know that they will come back and we have a hope that they will come back and we can work together and serve. It’s important to have them here . John has a big heart, it seems like everyone is waiting for him, it seems like the whole town is waiting for him. Every time he comes here his heart is getting greater and he has more people in his heart and people are asking from us because they saw us together. Orphans and seniors even the people from the bazaar ask about him. John is a very smart man he knows how to help and he knows who is a really needy person. There are a lot of people, but God is leading him to the right person to help. If there is a great man of God, of course there is a great woman and that’s Julie , and of course the girls who have beautiful gentle spirits. We all need your help. Please help bring them back to us.
Acel & Talant

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