Monday, February 01, 2010

One day at a time

I keep thinking of the cards that our PI friends the Manassero's have been dealt.. Like so many in Haiti, life for them was forever changed on January 12... Not only do they have a responsibility to the 54 children that they have taken in, but in a mater of minutes, they became responsible for their entire neighborhood... Their medical clinic, their kitchen, and their homes were stretched to the limit.... Ariana shares that they "now live one day at a time.".. "no idea what tomorrow will bring.".... I keep coming back to the place in my head... How is it that the least of society, the outcast children are the ones that are first on the scene to give what they have left to help a nation... and when all the dust settles and people begin to rebuild the pieces of their lives, when they press leaves, and the eyes of the world start to look away... what then! will these kids have learned that the sacrifices they made for their fellow country men were important ones, or is the light house orphanage going to simply buckle under the weight of the added responsibilities, and the lack of funds.... The Manassero's have held the coarse... they have defied the odds , What about us... have we thought of adding something into our monthly budget ? I want that our friends of PI would help Ariana ... maybe rather then her sharing with us that she has "No Idea what tomorrow will bring" , she will be given the HOPE to say...... "But I know that tomorrow will be a better day"...Please consider how you can continue to help us help them.... watch the video at the top of this blog... and tell me that you are not moved!

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