Sunday, February 07, 2010

Miss Emma's ....Ebay Art sale

Emma has an overwhelming desire to return to Kyrgyzstan, the country she would like to call home.
Emma has developed incredible friendships , and burdens for the people of this beautiful land. For many years her family has been active in bringing hope and dignity to the hopeless hurting and lost of this region. Along with working to bring support and awareness , Emma has made 2 trips herself, spending over 6 months in the last year and a half with those she has grown to love.
This year she has graduated from an integrated Arts program where she has focused on visual arts. As well Emma has successfully completed an International English Teaching Certificate ...TESL,TESOL,TEFL .Emma has a strong desire to use the gifts and talents she has to help impact her Kyrgyz friends... The proceeds of her art sales will be going to help her to fulfill this dream . While a tax receipt can not be given with the sale of any of her art work, She is able to provide tax receipts for all donations for the work she does through PI . Until she returns to Kyrgyzstan next month...more of Emma's work can be seen at here is a small sample of her work that is currently listed on Ebay

This Three piece set is painted in a very common Kyrgyz style. A combination of pen and ink and acrylic . They feature traditional Kyrgyz scenes , The Falconer, Yurt on a lake , and the mountain pass .

All three paintings are 5" X 7"

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