Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How do I tell her she is less important

As we are preparing for this springs trip to Central Asia, I have been going through the reports from previous trips to see if there is anything that we missed , or things that we would do different... I came across this short video report, and it reminded me again how important our readers are in making a difference..

I have already told our friends that we will be a little lower key this spring as a result of the urgent needs in Haiti.... but I have to ask myself... what makes me think that is an acceptable excuse to leave friends waiting in the dump for help like our little friend below... She knows nothing about Haiti, but she does know how cold it was this winter........How do we tell her she is less important

I look at everything that is possible and I have to give myself a little kick... I need to come right out and tell it like it is, stop beating around the bush... stop with the gentle innuendos....

Emma and Bekah have worked hard all summer and have paid for our flights...but we have not been able to cover much else..... Please consider helping us to reach out to all those we are helping ... there is a donate button on the top right side of this blog.. Please go there right now and help us reach our goal ...

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