Friday, March 17, 2023

starting to pack food hampers

The first batch of seeds have arrived and they are starting to pack bags now  and the seeds I am bringing from Canada just passed the government inspection and we have the certificates in hand .  next up is to start packing the food hampers .. We have $500 in so far towards that . so that leaves us with $2000 to go to be able to provide $250 food hampers. 

Sunday we head for the airport.  We have a three stop along the way in Portugal .  We have three other friends joining us for the way . The ladies will be walking and praying their way Up the coast of Portugal and Spain , ending in Santiago then on to Muxia.  I will be driving the support car , cooking meals and maybe doing a bit of fishing on the way .. On the 10th of April we will part ways and we will head on to Kyrgyzstan from there. 
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