Thursday, March 09, 2023

Great time sharing in Fort Myers

We had a great weekend in Fort Myers .  we dropped my mom off at the airport with my brother who flew down from Thunder bay to pick her up, then flew out ourselves , leaving the fresh snow behind .. we got out just in time. 

Where we were staying we were on in inland waterway I was able to get a line in the water an hour before heading over to the church. 

We had a great service sharing about the work in Kyrgyzstan.  I will not be surprised if the next time we see many of them will be in Kyrgyzstan .

We are back home now, repacking and getting ready to fly out on the 19th.  

If you are in the Stirling area, we will be sharing at the Community Pentecostal Church this Sunday morning.   It would be great to see you there .   


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