Saturday, May 29, 2021

May Marathon to Mexico

Let me tell you about a great organization. Possibilities house in Mexico has worked closely with Possibilities International another great organization that has been a great help and encouragement to us for years .   Possibilities house is a "Family-style, holistic care for orphaned, at-risk and abandoned children in Mexico" 

We have several friends who have traveled and seen personally the great work that they do, And interestingly enough, their son Alax traveled to Kyrgyzstan a couple years back to assist PI with a team at the farm. 

Like us they get a lot of support from teams that come and bring encouragement, physical help, and financial support.   With Covid that has put a lot of stress on the financial situation.  We ourselves have found that the needs have grown exponentially and there are no teams to turn to.  

We were excited to see that they had some sponsors that decided to do a May Marathon to Mexico .. you can read more about it or donate at their web site  

Julie decided that she wanted in on this so we made our donation and she set out to walk 100km in May .. Today she arrived home after her walk and just passed the 100 km mark with a couple days to spare.

Here are a few pictures from Julies adventures this month.  

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