Friday, May 21, 2021

Happy Boy

We can not begin to tell you how thankful we are for the love and support shown to Valera making it possible for him to come to the farm.  Maybe the best way to express our feelings is this latest picture of him.   There is a mother of 5 who is also thankful for the finances for the cancer treatment she will now be able to get because of your generosity.   And over at the treatment centre they are happy to have their washing machine fixed as well. 

We have reopened the Kashar and yurts for guests .  We have implemented a time between guests to give us an opportunity  to safely clean and disinfect.  Guests provide their own meals now and do not come onto the main farm.  we also only take one booking at a time.  We have had many bookings so far, and have several more on the calendar already.  

Nick sent some photos of them cleaning and preparing for the next guests . 

With the increased traffic at the kashar, we had Vlady instal a second water tank so we have more reserve. 

We are happy to be able to use the kashar as a respite for our workers as well where they can get some much needed rest and visit with friends , like Vlad and Alina with one of our neighbours who has been such a great help to us at the farm over this past winter. 

Down on the farm, the irrigation system is up and running.  Each week Nick books a time slot and we get water for a few hours.  With all hands on deck we are able to get a lot done in a short time . 

After loosing last years crop of apples to a late frost, we are looking at a great crop this year . 

Potatoes and cabbages are doing well and are past the delicate stage and have become well established . 

The garlic is doing well too.  

The new strawberry patch has taken hold as well , so we should be eating some good jam this year.  

There is something particularly satisfying about a good day of irrigating the crops .. it is a breath of fresh life into the garden   

On another note, in a couple of days we will have a birthday celebration up at the kashar for all those with birthdays in April and May. Two of the boys  that Aigoola became legal guardian for  are turning 18 so this is a big event.    We are looking forward to a great day. 

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