Saturday, March 06, 2021

Happy Woman's day

Woman's day is a very big day in Kyrgyzstan , and we have3 started the celebrations a little early .  The actual day is March the 8th, but getting around to everyone in one day is a bit much .   We start the celebration off with friends arriving back in Kyrgyzstan.  They have a week in Bishkek before heading to the south , so they are staying with Kamala.   

They cooked a great meal to start the celeb rations off .. I am sure this was appreciated buy Kamala. 

Vera and Oleg had no problem deciding what to give out for Woman's day this year .  With so many in need, a couple bags of groceries is just perfect . 

Thank you to everyone that has been helping us with this. We are hoping to do another food drop in a couple days in time for the actual Woman's day if we get more donations.  Speaking of donations, we still have a great need for food and medication at the shelter.  If you can help out, it would be greatly appreciated. 

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