Saturday, February 27, 2021

Fun and Games on the farm

Today was a fun day at the farm . Games and a special meal .  We had to postpone the Christmas celebration because of some quarantine with some of the boys so we decided to move it to the end of February with the February birthdays .     They had lots of fun games, and also they baked some prizes into the dumplings, so that was fun. 

Here are a couple videos from the day 

This is a fun game. Each color bowl has a corresponding prize.. 
with one being a pie in the face.

We celebrated a birthday here in Canada .  It is my grand son Eli's 8th birthday.  Its a shame to be so close and not able to join them, praying that soon enough we will be together.  We were still able to get him a bike thanks to e-checks and curb side pick up .  

Next up I wanted to introduce you to a young friend of ours .  Aman has just opened an English school that teaches both English and business start up in a fun and exciting way .  There are a lot of kids with potential but not resources so he is hoping to find sponsors for kids so that they can help more kids .  Three 90 minute classes a week as well as other games and activities to give the kids practice is just $30 a month.  If you are interested in sponsoring a kid, let me know . 

John with Aman and his friend during a layover in the Moscow airport. 


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