Monday, January 18, 2021

They will receive because you gave

So today we heard back from a few of the orphanages about their current needs.  We had contacted them a few days back to see so that we are not getting them things that they don't need .   At Red river Their big need is school supplies and a furnace repair in the gym.   
Furnace needing repair 

School supplies is high on the list for the Children's Treatment center as well .  They also asked if we could purchase one more chesterfield for the kids .  I can see that it would be nice to be able to get the kids all up off the floor .  

Over at the Baby orphanage , they say that they are ok for diapers and food right now, but they do have a leak in one of the roofs .. so we will fix that , but I would imagine that they could use food but are afraid to ask at the same time as they ask for the roof to be fixed , so we will see what we can do about the roof repaired and then we will revisit the food needs .  

Back at the farm every one was busy bagging , bagging and more bagging.  To start the some of the boys were bagging coal .. They will have about 650 bags of coal to bag up .  

Over at the guest house they are bagging up food packages that we will deliver with the coal .. we will do about 50 bags  this week .

Back in Canada I have ben working on the year end reports and the Tax receipts.   This year I have about 50 people that did not fill out their address when they donated on PayPal and I did not have their addresses from previous years.   This is a lot of work tracking down all these addresses, but at the same time it is exciting because that means that we have at least 50 people that have joined our network of philanthropists.  Thank you all so much for spreading the word.  Together was are able to make such a difference.  This week alone 50 families and 4 orphanages and a homeless shelter are going to receive,  because you gave . 

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