Sunday, January 10, 2021

Getting re-acquainted

Many of you will remember an orphanage we worked with called Svetlyi Put.  They were a very well run orphanage that among other things had a great sewing program for the kids.  They are the group that had made the beautiful nativity yurts.  
delivering Vitamins to the orphanage many years ago 

Well a few years ago they lost their building and had to move. 

It has been a few years since then and we had always intended to continue to help them when they got open in their new home.  Then we had some issues, we had to leave KG early, then we free late getting back in the fall because of my health issues, followed by covid shut down.. All this time it has continued to be in the back of our minds that we need to check in with them.  This week we decided that we would make contact and see how things are going .  
The orphanage is now called   Innovative orphanage “ Svetlyi Put”   They have built a home in a small village on the edge of the city.   They now have  19 kids ages 3 to 18.  Actually 2 are the biological children of the couple running the orphanage 

At the moment the orphanage is existing without sponsors and governments support. In 2020 they could complete renovating the building and were able to move in.  They  are running the house for the money from selling handmade toys and with the help of entrepreneurs.  Here is a short video about them you may find interesting .  You can also see the beginning of the tow business.   It was filmed a few years ago   


We reached out to them and asked for a list of current needs. They are as following :

1.  3 college students tuition – each 25 000 soms  ($1000 USD total )
2. Gadgets for(online school) school kids (laptop, supporting graphics programs, graphics tablet, guitar) ($1000 USD)
 3. Gas stove  ($400 USD)
4.Repair materials for two rooms  ( Laminate, water emulsion, panel, house cladding) Probably about 5or $600 

So we are looking at about $3000.  Kamala and her team will go out there this week to confirm and discuss the tuitions to start. they are not something that they can wait long for, so we will have Kamalla make arrangements to go to the schools to pay these tuitions ..   We are stepping out to cover this, but any more we are able to do will depend on you .. If you would like to help us with this please use the donate  link on the top right side of this  blog 

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