Sunday, September 29, 2019

a bit of a scramble

Over the last couple months I have been told many times to take it easy.  While our summer was "interrupted" by my health issues, we did manage to speak at eight different churches, and even catered a wedding , along with planing and organizing a team to the farm along with many other guests through out the summer.   
  What I have noticed is that my multi tasking skills are a bit limited .. It seems to take everything out of me to "take it easy " and accomplish a task at the same time.  
  So here is my problem.  With everything that has gone on,  Seniors day has completely slipped my mind.  
  Seniors day is a very big event in Kyrgyzstan.  It you are a senior that does not have family, and is living on the edge , it can be a real reminder to them of their situation.  But when we show up with a little blessing for them, it can bring such joy. 
   But this year I forgot !.. Olga just reminded me and said "What are we going to do this year for seniors day ?"  It will be a bit of a scramble this year, especially since I did not do any fundraising for this yet.  So I guess we will see what donations come in the next 24 hours and go from there.  I would like to raise at least $500 for this.  I think other years we have spent about $1000.  If you would be able to help us with this in any amount, it would be greatly appreciated.  


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