Saturday, January 12, 2019

Despite the cold !

Despite the cold, work on the farm continues. the green house has rotating crops so that something is always being harvested, something is always being weeded and watered, and something is always being planted.   It is so awesome that we are able to produce such high quality crops year round.  

This section is being prepared for a new planting of lettuce and spinach 

The plants above are what we are harvesting right now, and the ones bellow will be ready to harvest in another few weeks. 

We were blessed today when Sergey sent some clothes and baby supplies out to the farm for Alina and Nurperi.   The calf is doing well, and now its time for him to start sharing his milk with the farm.  By milking her at the same time, we will be able to increase her milk production. 

We have had more people contacting us for coal.  I could probably give another 100 tones if we had it.  Some very serious, almost dangerous situations have come up when coal is needed right away.  We have started to dip into the farm supply now,  so soon we will have to address this and buy some more coal. 

 A few things that we have in the works,  I shared a couple days ago about our plan to sell some vehicles  and get a new truck.  This will allow us to keep the yurts and mountain ranch  busy in the summer as well as produce deliveries and coal deliveries in the fall and winter. 

Currently Vlad and one of our friends is looking into bio digesters.  this would help to break down the cow and chicken poop into better soil, as well we may be able to heat the green house with out coal.   

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