Thursday, September 14, 2017


We have come across a very large need here with one of the orphanages we work with, so we are doing what we can to help .. we are having a Veggie-athon .  let me explain .

Swetly put orphanage is one of the best in the country hands down. They focus mainly on street kids in the city as young as 4 years old. The work very hard to find  and reunite them with their families. those that they are not able to reunite they work with to provide life skills training as well as a trade so they have a future.  along with parties and celebrations we have provided vitamins to them and sponsored operations and dental work for the kids.  

a couple years ago the long turn support of a major sponsor came to a scheduled end. at the same time the director who was well past retirement had some health issues and retired .  Things have been shaky for them since then, but the great workers there remain dedicated to the great care of the kids .  


Here is the real kicker , the staff  is about 3 months behind on their pay that the director is 6 months behind.  We have come to know these workers over the years and care for them.. their love for the kids is evident buy them continuing to work with out pay. 

We don't have a lot of non designated funds available so we have been wondering what we can do to help.  Tomorrow the director and some of the kids will be coming out to tour the farm.  We have decided to set up a Veggie-athon.  Here is the way it works.  We have taken a days harvest from the farm and will be setting up a produce stand in Tokmok with it.   We are now looking for individual sponsors  that are willing to match what we raise up to a specified amount   $50, $100, $250 what ever amount you feel led to support. 

Now let me show you what we picked today .. lets start with close to 400 lbs of beautiful peppers , hot and sweet, 

about 500 lbs of tomatoes, 

350 lbs of squash, 

To that we added cabbages, pumpkins, and around 600 lbs of beats.   

Whats amazing  is that tomorrow you could walk through the gardens and not even know that we harvested today.  But what is even more amazing is the opportunity that we have to  support and encourage some amazing orphanage workers who desperately need our help. 

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