Saturday, September 09, 2017

Home on the farm

9 in the hostel, 8 in the guest house, 3 at the yurts and 2 campers.   lots of excitement around the farm. For breakfast we made french toast and sausages. One of the guests was excited to try fresh eggs for the first time, so I went out and grabbed a few peppers from the garden to slice and use as rings around the eggs .. I got about 25 rings from three peppers .

We got the new outhouse up at the second yurt .  Nuric dug the hole for reasons we will not get into, hahaha .  the design turned out great . 

We have continued to visit some of the families we have connections with .. School supplies and vitamins are our focus this round.  

Today we had 20 beds to make and 20 sets of sheets to wash , along with towels and everything that goes along with that many guests.  After everyone checked out and paid we sat down with Sibera to discuss her school tuition. then where able to give her the funds to pay it.  It was a really good lesson for them to see the connection between guests at the guest house, all the work involved and the benefits of that work,   In this case her tuition was paid.  I want them to never think that the guest house is a "Business " that we are running on the side to make some money and have free labor, but that this is a great way for the farm to work toward self sustainability and with it a better standard of living for every one.  They love the extra food when guests are there , they love the activities like the horseback riding and picnics, and this week they loved when the guests brought them all to the hot springs, and then today , Siberia got her years tuition covered ..  and from the guest side of things It is so great for them to be instantly part of a big family. 

Last night some of the guests shared there experience .. They had spent a few days at the farm then went on a sight seeing tour of Kyrgyzstan .. they absolutely loved the beauty and everything they saw, but when it came to supper time they said they looked around at all the other tourists and they were siting all proper like at there individual tables and eating there restaurant style meals, and they said that they started to feel sorry for them because they were not experiencing the joy and fellowship of the  family table that they were a part of at the farm.. On their way back to the farm, when they reached the Tokmok sign they said " Oh good we are almost home"  they told me that they could never have imagined how in just a few days they would feel so at home on the farm...

"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."

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