Friday, June 17, 2016

Learning to cook

 One of the main things we work on with the kids on the farm is life skills training.   It is tempting to stay with in the usual stario types when it comes to training and chores, and cooking is mostly a female chore, especially in Central Asia ..  We put all that aside, and everyone experiences everything.  Every now and then we are surprised when one of the kids excels in an area that we are not expecting it necessarily .  Mike is on kitchen duty this week, and he is having a blast.  Not only does he love it, he is great at it.  So rewarding for them when they find things that they are good at.  Last night he made supper.. Ploff served with fresh bread .. Sorry I did not get to have some, but it sure looks good ..

Bread fresh out of the oven 


Good Job Mike !

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