Sunday, June 19, 2016

Build it and they will come !

We have been trying to get all the kids in our care the medical and dental care that they need .  Coming from an orphanage,  they have not had the attention that they may have had if they had been in a family.  I had shared that the dentist alone at very reasonable rates and discounts for our kids included will still be in the thousands of dollars to get them the care that they need .  
  Next up was some vision tests.  One of our boys we had taken to the Optometrist a couple weeks ago and we were told that his vision was so bad that he needs to go to a specialist.  Yesterday he went to that specialist .. The diagnosis was not good . 

We were told that right now his vision was -7 but was rapidly getting worse.  He has a condition were his retina's are collapsing, and in a short time it is expected that he will be totally blind.   Where would he be if God had not brought him to us ? 

There is an operation to fix this, Basically it is the same as a cataract operation where they take out his lenses and put in new lenses that are stronger and will hold the shape.  The cost of this operation will be over $1000 US.   right away we have reassured him that we WILL help him with this and we will find a sponsor that will help to not only give him back his sight, but keep it.   

We saw this condition with a girl back in 2008 , we had taken her to get glasses and when the result cam back with this condition, she heard the price and went into full despair and just curled up in the fetel position and wept.. We asked what was wrong and she said that she would be blind.. only after we pressed did we find out that there was an operation, but for her it was impossible to think that someone could help pay that much so she just thought it would mean that she would be blind in a few months.  Well she had the operation, and she is fine .. But we understand what might be going through our boys head right now, so we have reassured him that we will be moving ahead and having the operations. 

That said , we have take the burden from him, but now we take that burden on.  We did have a large donation come in for the dental work and some glasses, but who could have been expecting this.  I guess what I need to do now that we have taken this burden from him, is to very quickly give it over to God.  

I find it amazing how even though the answer may not come right away, God has a way of showing us his provision .. Let me tell you a little story that is taking place right now.  

Last summer we tried our hands at Bees .. Our hives were literally overflowing with honey all summer .

We did so well, that when the opportunity came up to purchase some new bee boxes , we jumped at the chance.    These boxes were newly built and delivered to the farm today, and as soon as the river got a little smaller we would bring them to the mountain farm with the bees.  Then over the next couple months we would start purchasing the bees as we could afford them .  

Well no sooner had the boxes been dropped off, hives of bees, totally on their own, came to the boxes and have moved in 

right away Jengish went to a neighbour who has bees and he came over to see them .. he is certain that they are not from his hives.. Next we called Talbek our bee keeper and he came to the farm to check them out and make sure that they were good honey bees and then prepare them for the journey to the mountains and across the river . 

Once again the the truck was put to use to bring the hives to the mountain.  

How amazing is that .. we were soon going to be looking for some way to purchase more bees, but God appears to have something else in mind .. and the need is being met.   

But it got me thinking about something else .  As we are facing this huge need for Marat and his vision, we are praying that God would speak to someone to direct them to help Marat to not go blind.  Now if God can show us today that at his word he can direct between 50 000 & 100 000 bees, each with their own mind,  to spontaneously move in,  under their own free will ..   touching the hearts of one or two donors for Marat should not be something that we should worry about 

Marat will were corrective lenses for a few weeks while waiting for the operation .. check out the style he chose 

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