Wednesday, April 07, 2010

We are safe

Latest updates are that the roads have been closed...
An hour ago, the crowd broke threw the gates at the city hall white house, and have taken over the building trashing it .. Olga gathered up the children and the computors etc from the office and got out just before the crowds arrived.... as well the police station and the big store in the centre of town have been fire bombed and destroyed... many of the smaller shops have also been broken into ..... now the crowd has left this town and are on there way to the village where the seniors home is.... The team is now safe back at the foundation... I have had a couple more phone calls making sure that I don't go out taking pictures... I Think that's why Talant is here... just to make sure I don't do anything stupid..
I told olga I will take lots of pictures when I am at the office in the morning... she did not think that was very funny... but I guess tomorrow's plans will have to change....

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Ivy Lee said...

You were the first person on my mind when I read about the news. I'm glad to read you are ok. I am sad and scared for so many. I hope everything settles down soon.

Love and hope to all,