Thursday, November 29, 2007

Things we take for granted

My friend Tod and I made the drive this morning to Ottawa to pick up some friends who are here visiting from Xxxxxxxx. While in Ottawa, we made a couple of calls to our Member of Parliament, and 1/2 hour later we were in his office with his parliamentary secretary, and an intern . They took us on a full tour of the parliament. Even when we joined up with the regular tour, they stayed right with us and were ready to answer any and all questions for the girls. When the public tour was over, with the flash of a badge, we were in the inner workings of the government buildings. The girls were so excited. When it came time to go, we tried to thank our personal tour guides, at which point they both apologized to us that our Member of Parliament was not there personally as sits on the Justice comity and was in meetings all day. We were given passes to the gallery, but unfortunately did not have time to stay. Here is the ironic part... here with all our freedoms and privileges, I can't show you the un doctored photos of the time on the hill...... to do so could link our friends to this web sight, and in turn compromise their safety.

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