Thursday, November 08, 2007


I remember my first missions trip. It was to the Island of Monserrat in the West indies, after Hurricane Hugo laid waste . I saw the devastation on the news, and a few weeks later I was walking the streets.... I remember the feeling of " I have seen this before" and realising that this was what I had seen.

I have also been on Missions trips , and even years later, I see photos on line or on posters and signs that I have taken.... Again it is a weird feeling.... You start to realise that we are a part of something that is bigger than the two of us!

The main reason that I continue to post on this blog is to encourage people, to realise that every day people can do extraordinary things....... and that whether we are here or there , we can make a difference. One of the side perks of this blog , is the friendships that I have started to develop because of it..... I find myself encouraged daily by those like minded bloggers.

I thought I would post part of a letter I received from a "NEW FRIEND"..........he knows my fathers will.....

When I found out in January I was going to Central Asia I googled everything I could find. That's where I found your blog. When I got there I was just blown away that I was actually able to see in person the people & the "after pics" of projects that were mentioned in the blog. I hadn't expected that. On a visit to Anatoly to see the after pic of his home he mentioned that he needed a few things (pants, a sweater & some medicine). We took a collection amongst ourselves & gave it to Leyana who bought them for him. I don't know who was more thrilled Anatoly, Leyana or us. Needless to say we were so blessed to be there. Although...when you were digging around the village last week, did you happen to find my heart? I'm pretty sure I left it there. :) I probably could go on & on with the stories. This trip was life changing for some of us in our group. I am wanting to go back soooooo bad. I'm not sure if our church is planning another trip there or not. In a couple of weeks they'll be announcing next year's trips & I'm just waiting to find out. After I got back I kept up with your blog & watched the team reports last week with great interest & was praising God for all of those accomplishments. As the Brits say...I'm just gob smacked at what was done.

Lord bless,


Corinthians 16:13

Stay tuned for more accounts of Blair's journeys to Central Asia

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