Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Well, here we grow again !

Just as we are in the full clutches of winter and we are scrambling to keep the fires burning and the pipes from freezing , it is time to think ahead .  Before you know it, it will be spring and time to plant the gardens .. not just the  9 gardens at the farm , but another 250 gardens that we help with the seeds for so that families can be more self sustaining.  Not just for them selves but their neighbours and relatives reap the benefits of these community gardens .  Orphanages , hospitals , homes for the disabled and homeless and rehab centres all are blessed.  In just 6 weeks we will begin planting seedlings in the green house and preparing the seed packs for delivery .. that means we need to order seeds in 3 weeks which means that the funds need to be ready to transfer in Two weeks .. 

So there you have it .. Two weeks with a goal of $5000 to plant 259 gardens.  and that begins another year of "Praying for the seeds !" 

I will put a thermometer up to help track the progress  .. here is the break down per garden ,   $10 for the seeds , $2 for the delivery and the  teaching for those who need it , and $8 for groceries ... ( In the past people were so hungry that they ate the seedlings and seed potatoes ) 

total $20 a family . 

Below are some of the families that received the seeds last spring 

And below are some pictures of the veggies that they grew 

Last year I put together a short video showing some of those in the seed program.

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