Tuesday, February 01, 2022

One bottle for each member of your house hold

We need your help.  With the travel restrictions, we have fallen behind with our vitamins . In fact we have just about run out and we have many on a waiting list for when we will get them in again.  Things like prenatal can't really delay , same thing with C, D, and Zink that are used when suffering with covid ..  We would love to be able to get Multi Vitamins as well but those will have to wait until we meet the emergency needs. We do have source for good Vitamins in Kyrgyzstan, and would like to place an order. We are looking to raise $2500 to get this area of aid back on track .  when we ask people here for help, many will happily go out and purchase many bottles and drop them off, then we pay for extra bags to get them to Kyrgyzstan.  For the same price we can get them there , but it is not as popular to just send the money .. Please consider even a couple bottles of vitamins for $30 ..  or here is a challenge , One bottle ($15) for each member of your household .. we are so blessed  that basic health needs are in our grasp .. but for the majority in Kyrgyzstan this not obtainable.


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