Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Christmas Wish Catalog

Its that time of year again for our Christmas wish list.  This year we have lots of options from Christmas parties , to nutrition, health and well being  and  , to fun and entertainment , to future development on the farm. So lets get  started.

So lets start first  with Christmas parties .

Out in one of the villages we have the opportunity to bless many of the children who may not otherwise be reached.  This event is a large party with great food and gifts.  We partner with many of the residents of the village who do most of the cooking, organizing  and preparation, so we are able to keep the cost down.. This event if under the loving guidance of Vera and Oleg. .......$5 / child 
Sponsored thankyou

Every year we put on a huge celebration with the blind society .  Upwards of 250 kids come to this who are blind or deaf, or come from families who's parents are.  Our friends in Bishkek over see this event and do an amazing job every year.  .... $10 / child 

In the orphanages we put on a big celebration with singing, dancing , sometimes a movie and popcorn, and also include a small gift for each child.  This event is over seen by Sergey and Anya with the assistance of the young adults on the farm. ..... $10 / child  

Friends in Tokmok this year are planing a special Christmas for the un-reached. The idea is not to bless their own regular group of kids, but to reach out to families and kids that may have never celebrated Christmas before, and make this a special year for them.  they are trying to raise enough for 300 kids.  our involvement in this will be overseen by Vlad .  ..... $15/child

Student Party.  Friends of ours are interested in providing a Christmas dinner for University and collage students.  Many are away from home and away from what is familiar to them.  Our friends would like to put on a great meal for those that are alone over Christmas .  Our Vlad will over see our involvement in this as well the farm will provide some chickens and ducks as well as some canned produce .. to complete this wish we are looking for ..... $250 covered with thanks 

Tanya continues the work of her Mom Laurisa .  This will be a hard year for many of those that she helped as it will be the first Christmas with out her .  Other years we have been able to provide her with a budget of $2000.   Any amount will help and will make a difference.   

Nutrition, health and well being 

We have a  reliable supply of good quality Vitamins that we can order through Jengish's brother.  We can provide some need specific  vitamins  to a family for the winter ( depending on family size) for about ...........$20 

Christmas food hampers are a great way to bless an entire family and to let them know that they are not alone.  It is also great to give them a little break in the daily struggle to provide for their nutritional needs.  These would be packed and distributed buy the young adults on the farm ..  A food hamper............... $40/ household 

Dental visits are something that we always have a need for , many times when a need arises if we do not have a sponsor already, we will just do what is needed to deal with the pain, but then we need to follow up and finish what has been started.  A visit to the dentist and treatment averages ............$75 / visit 

Coal is always a big on going need .

. I have heard the saying that if you are bad , all you will get is a limp of coal for Christmas .. We know people that could only dream of a lump of coal.  We have a small supply of emergency coal to give as needed through the winter, but we know that this will not last and we will likely need another 10 tons before winter is over, and the price will only go up. The average supply of coal that we give to those in need is 1 1/2 tons ..... $80 / ton 

Fun and entertainment 

Coffee house supplies 

We can not begin to express what a blessing it has been to so many to have a coffee house .  It may seem like something extravagant at first , but we have found that more counseling and healing takes place over a cup of coffee or a warm tea then anywhere else .. this is true for both the farm kids and guest alike.   Across the street from the farm there is a man that provides and repairs wheel chairs to people.  We are thrilled to be able to open up the cafe, and its wheel chair accessible  washrooms to those waiting .  We are always in need of coffee .  We try to get as much brought in with teams as possible, but the winter is long and coffee is expensive ..............$20 / kg


This year for Christmas for all those on the farm, we would like to get one special gift for each the boys house and the girls house .

TV to be mounted on the wall in the dinning room / food prep common  area at the main house.  This will be great on those cold winter nights , and the long tedious hours preparing meals ...... $200.. sponsored 

This may not seem like entertainment , but I have found that almost anything becomes entertainment if you add a motor to it.  We have a washing machine at the main house that the boys bring their laundry over to, but what ends up happening is that Aigoola or the girls end up doing it, and then its not unheard of to slip and fall on their way back to the boys house .. We have renovated a small kitchenette at boys house , and have left a spot all plumbed in for an automatic washer ...... $300...   sponsored 

Future Development 

We always like to have one item on the Christmas list that "Tips our hand " about future development on the farm
  A couple of years ago we had an opportunity to purchase another piece of property connecting to the farm .  It was a great deal , and we even had a couple different people ready to help us buy it, but we declined.  We were not in a position to take on more responsibility and more maintenance, and did not have a need or a vision for this at the time.
  That same piece of property is back up for sale again .  This time we are ready .. We would like to get it and have the young men on the farm renovate it and set up a business in it .  This would be a great place for some of them to experience working off the farm, but at the same time not deal with transportation issue, as well would be close so we could keep an eye on things .. for this need we are looking for donations totaling ...............$14 000. 

The yellow is the existing farm , the red is the property we are interested in 

If you would like to help with any items on this wish list, you can donate on one of the links above and add in the memo where you would like your donation to be used , as well please share with your friends, not just on FB but maybe even your Church, family or business friends would be interested in helping.  You can also contact me and I will send you a Gift certificate that you can print out to go in a card if being used as a Christmas gift .

In Canada please use this link 
from Canada Helps / Link127 Humanitarian Aid Society 

  Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

In the US please use this link 
from Paypal / AP Church 

Please remember to put in the memo where you would like your gift to be directed 

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