Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Another full day

We have been working with Olga and the local police.  The children's special unit is trying to present a more friendly face for the kids that they are helping .  Things like a bright paint job and new shelving and chairs help to take away from the post Soviet feel.   As well we are trying to do some things that will help the working conditions and stream line the process , like air conditioning and a printer will help a lot as well.  We have also provided some things like pens , paper, crosswords and books that will help to keep the kids distracted and more relaxed.

 This weekend we have a small orphanage coming to the farm for a couple weeks with their director for a "farm stay"  They will be divided into groups of two for a couple hour every morning to experience life on the farm, working in the gardens, cooking, working with the animals and the morning chores , then the rest of the day we have different events planed for them .  Things like fishing, the hot springs, hiking in the mountains, playing Frisbee and soccer at the yurts, crafts, English class  and many other exciting things.  Then in the evenings up at the yurts they could have camp fires and at the farm we can show movies with the projector and fresh made popcorn.  Today the boys even set up the swimming pool for them to be able to use. 

Today was the first full day with the Kashar officially open. The Cows and turkies arrived last night , and a couple of the boys stayed in the house.  Tonight it is Julie and I here, and on the weekend other guests.  The idea is to have different people and different  then the ones looking after the animals so that no one is out of touch from the farm for a long period of time .  It will help them to stay grounded and on track . 

I came across another before and after picture you might like. 


I got a little note from one of our friend today that was an encouragement to us ..

"I was looking at the pictures of the kashar and in awe of your vision. Time and Time again you take things that are crumbling and revitalize them. (Both structures and people). Thankful to be able to support and participate in your ministry"

The barn is filling up again .  We are going to put up a dividing fence in the inside corral into two parts  this way with separate entrances some of the neighbors can continue to use the barn for weaker or young animals as needed .  It has been a real help to them at times , and we love seeing all the traffic in and out of the ranch,

Aigoola's cow over looking in to see what Julie is doing in the kitchen

Logan is having a little break wile the cows are grazing close to the barn 
 Supper time I made a nice chicken dinner and had today's cow boys join us for a nice meal.  It was nice to spend some time with them when there are not so many around.  

At supper we were discussing future plans for them and some of the other kids on the farm.  time to time we had to use google translate on the phone , but for the most part we did ok. 

Today we met up with Victor at the Bazaar to help him get some parts to fix up his bike for another season.  

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