Thursday, October 12, 2017

way behind

Those who are following the blog will see that I am way behind on posting.  I usually do the blog in the morning as the evening internet is very slow.  The last couple weeks we have had guests at the farm and I am the breakfast cook.  Theses guests were such incredible hard workers that we were hard at it all day every day .  The work that they got done, and the hearts and lives that they were able to touch is more then I could ever begin to share or explain in one blog post.  

Today I will post a bunch of pictures and over the next week or so I will go into more detail of some of the highlights .   
Nuric up early picking and preparing  produce to can 

this team brought with it sponsorship money from both New Bethesda and Espanola ,  a couple days ago I went past and there were so many kids on every piece that one kid was even riding in the garbage bin.

some of our local shepherds playing a game of Kukbadu for the team and a group of Bekah's students 

the first work day the guys built this great set of stairs down into the cellar 

we brout supplies to a womens rehab centre in IsyKol so had a chance to stop and see the lake , a couple even went for a quick dip. 

Dance party at Sammy's first birthday 

a load of coal delivered to the womens rehab center 

getting ready for seniors day , preparing food hampers including honey at each seat. expecting 100, made 125 portions and had 123 guests arrive 

Kamalla serving coffee in the cafe after a long days work 

Tim and Nuric with the pumpkins we brough in the day the team arrived 

I think Anne and Miles fit right in 

enjoying an evening in the cafe 

new windows, soffit and fascia doors and outside cement on walls, the kashar is looking good 

we gave a pair of ducks and their young to the womens rehab center .. one of the women was having a moment .. they were so blessed 

we made about 150 litres of pickled peppers.  Kurt was the bottle stuffer 

a wonderful couple , up at the yurts 

giving out food packages after the dinner. 

enjoying the yurt 

thank you Espanola and new Bethesda for the furniture and decorations 

we brought a large food delivery and bananas to the baby orphanage, as well we bought them a gas powered and electric leaf blower to help keep the playground clean 

Beksoltan up on the roof as they put up a new chimney 

more pumpkins 

Tim the eagle hunter 

the tradition is that on a first birthday they have a race with all the community and the fastest child cuts the string that is tying the babies legs together , this signifies the starting to run the race of life and it is the fastest that does the honors so the child will be fast .. then the others race and the fastest gets a prize..  They decided that since they don't know many peopple as old as Kurt hahah that they would give him a little head start , not realizing how fast he could run ... for an old guy, and he won the goat.  good job Kurt 

harvesting more beets .. over a ton this day 

the girls are working on a coffee bean mural at he cafe

out bowling with the farm kids 

the new sign 

another lovely couple 

new doors on the coal shed 

more supplies to the rehab center 

the team visited the baby hospital to see it finished .  Sponsored the floor and the dry wall, and even did all the mudding the joints 

Kamala got  a nice one 

a happy camper at the seniors day 

Bekah with her students at the Burana tower 

the barn all cleaned u and painted, ready for the animals to return from the mountain 

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