Friday, January 02, 2015

An opportunity to make a short term investment with eternal dividends

Today I want to tell you a little bit about one incredible young man we know in Kyrgyzstan and about a need that he has.
Aza with a couple of the boys at the new years party at the apartment
His name is Azamat.  We first met Azamat in 2009 when he was in our sponsorship program at the local university.  He received a partial sponsorship for a few years, earning most of his tuition himself over the summers.   Azamat was always thankful for the support from his sponsor through  actofkindness , and ANY time we needed help with ANYTHING, Azamat has been there for us. It takes so many people and support workers for us to do what we do, and honestly, I don't know how we could do a lot of it with out the help of guys like Aza.  If you look back through the blog over the last few years you will see many pictures of him, with the kids , the seniors, the men from the Mens home.. and with Emmas kids.  He is a great help.  What I like the most about Aza is his heart for the hurting.. most times when there is a free moment, you will find Aza not standing around with other team members waiting to see whats net, but you will find him one on one , speaking life and encouragement into the lives of those we are visiting.

Azamat helping the boys with a craft 
Since his graduation, Aza has been working
for a local NGO that works with children and poor families.  He excels at this job, He does it not as a JOB, but he does it from the heart, as his way of Giving back. What is really cool is that although he does not earn a lot, now that he is graduated and working, he has become a supporter of the work that we do.  Weather its cloths and back to school supplies and clothes for kids, or gifts for the senior home, what ever .. he and his friends even sponsored Bekah for the walkathon that she went on with iam1ru ... then walked with her for support
Aza is one of those people we call when one of the kids we are working with needs special counseling when dealing with things that are beyond their control.

So you are probably thinking to your self ..Why is he telling us this, and your waiting for "The Big Ask" .. so I don't want to disappoint you.. But for some of you, Here is an opportunity to change a life, in fact change MANY lives for years to come , and not really cost you much in the end.  let me share more ....

Aza has always had in his heart to help the underprivileged and those in need, and has been living that out, but now he has been excepted to an incredible program with HOPE in Alaska where he will receive training and experience working with the disabled.  This is an incredible program that friends of LAMb international run, and have received people from Kyrgyzstan for several years . A couple years ago Larissa and Tanya took this course.  The knowledge and skills that he would learn here will be such an asset to us and to the people we work with.   We have completed all the paperwork for his visa, and he interviews at the US Embassy  in four days, and if excepted, he will need to get his ticket and insurance and fly out at the end of February.   While he is in Alaska, his living expenses and a small stipend is provided, and when he completes the three month program, He will be reimbursed for is travel expenses.  The problem he has is that he just found out that the funding he had to purchase his ticket and insurance has fallen through.   He only has a couple weeks to secure a loan .. something that is next to impossible in the economic climate of Kyrgyzstan.  He will need about $2000.. and can pay it back as soon as the program is complete.  He has asked us if we could help, as we have done so a couple  times in the past with others,  but we simply have no room left on any of our credit to cover that at this time. I told him I would put word out and see if any of you would like to purchase the ticket for him, and he will return the funds around the end of May.  If you you have the means , and would like to invest in Azamat, please email me at and we can figure ot how to make this happen .

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