Monday, March 03, 2014

Update on Telik

On Friday I shared a need .. Glasses for Tilik and a follow up Dr's apointement .. with in hours that need was met, and This morning Tilik went into Bishkek with Emma and Jenish to the Dr. 

He has the new corrective lenses now, and with them he has perfect vision . as well his eyes are strait, so the next surgery will not be necessary.  There is one difficulty.  His brain has never processed information from both eyes at the same time, so it it taking longer to process.  There is a new technology that they have now , there is one of these machines in Bishkek, and it helps to train the brain to blend the images.  He is signed up for this treatment .. It begins on July 25 and will last for 20 treatments, each treatment will last about an hour.  So I guess that will be a summer job for someone .. daily trips to Bishkek with Telik.   Its a ways off so we will have time to figure that out.  Who knows , maybe his eyes will come around on there own in that time .. I think thats what everyone is hoping for .

We are just so blessed that many of you have taken an interest in Telik.. He is such a good kid, and has worked his way into our hearts in a big way.   His spirits are way up now that the main surgery is done, and he sees such an improvement.. but more then that, he sees that he is not alone, and that there is a whole network of people that are in his corner .. something that a young orphan boy is going to need if he is going to make it .. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this .

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