Saturday, February 02, 2013

Funny storey

First stop was Minnesota  .. It is so great to see everyone .  

Funny storey ,  after everyone arrived, a car pulled up front , a couple and 2 young kids got out and came to the door ,   I did not recognize them, but thought maybe I should , so I opened the door and welcomed them in .  The kids took there coats off and headed down stairs with the other kids , I was franticly trying to place them in my mind, then Hilary looked at them with a little confusion and asked ... Do I know you... at witch point it became clear to everyone that they were in the wrong home .   Rather embarrassed  she tried to gather her kids back and get them dressed to go.. Her son turned to her and said  " well why did we come here then"  her answer was mumbled under her breath..."Because we are stupid "  ... We told her that if things did not work out for them at the next party to come on back...hahaha

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