Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas with the Blind Society

While the LAMb was busy with a concert and party with a group of kids  , Acel and Talant were busy with another 100 kids from the blind society .

I remember back when Andy was with us , he visited the Blind society, and was talking to the director.  He asked what was one of his concerns .. Andy was told that they had lost one of there sponsors and were concerned that the kids would not have anything for Christmas or new years .  he did tell him that in the past that Talant came and did Christmas with them supplied by a group of people from North America, but that was never promised from one year to the next, and he was concerned as Christmas was approaching .   
  Well we were able to come through again this year .... Thank you to every one who took a pie in the face .. who threw a pie in the face , and those who donated for a pie in the face ... Because of you .  we were able to be there again this year . 
"the bags were all packed at the door with great care "

socks , candy, yogurt and juice boxes  

even the girls got into the action 

even some of the children from the society joined in the performance 

Merry Christmas and warm blessings to all from the children of the Bishkek blind society . 

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