Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The things we hold on to !

Years ago we fell in love with a darling little boy from one of the orphanages that we work in .   When you play with and hold these kids.. have a chance to look into their eyes, and call them by name, something special happens.    they are forever imprinted into your heart.   A couple years ago, we had the opportunity to meet a special couple who were waiting to adopt our young friend.  What a blessing it was for us to spend some time with this beautiful couple, and like there son, we learned their names and they too imprinted on our hearts. 
Over the last 4 years, their parents , along with so many incredible families we have come to love, have advocated and down right fought to bring these precious kids home.   So many times , it looked as though the face of evil was going to will out , and the kids would never reach their forever families.  I had one thing to hold on to .. faith 
Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen, But I also know that God will help our unbelief, and that is why he gives us visions.. "people with out a vision will Parrish.  He must have known how difficult this time was going to be, because 2 years ago, I had this vision of our young friend riding his bike to an ice cream stand and getting ice cream for he and his Dad who was working in the field close buy.
When ever things looked like he would never come home, I would remind his mother about the ice cream, and we would hang on to that .... 
Last weekend,  Julie and I took a little trip to the US to visit our little friend.. and yes.. have ice cream . what a treat ... not necessarily the ice cream, though it was for some reason the best ice cream I have ever had.. but more because of the special friends who shared it.   

Our young friend , with his new brother
This is the first of many reunions that we are planing over the months ahead..    Please remember to pray for the kids that are still waiting ... and the ones that have nobody to wait for . 


Hilary Marquis said...

I remember you telling us about this vision last summer when you were in MN. Seeing this makes me cry! We won't stop praying until they ALL come home.

Lisa Brotherton said...