Friday, March 23, 2012

The girls are back to work

Emma and Bekah have been on the ground in KG for 2 days now.   They sure did not take time to give the jet leg a chance , they have been hard at it.  The day they arrived they went out to Tokmok to see their friends.  They took a Bishkek city bus to the bus station, then went looking for the Tokmok Bus .  across the parking lot, the bus driver saw them coming and ran to them and gave them big hugs.. it was Isar.  he was so glad to see them , and they were pleased to receive such a warm welcome . 

thank you to every one who packed a Samaritan's Purse Box this year 
The second day began with meeting some good friends that are in town for a couple weeks .  then it was on to the orphanage for a day of fun and gifts .  

Our young friend here has just had another birthday.. one year closer to being out of the orphanage and on his own...  Bekah shared her concern with me this morning ..  
Some more of our wonderful friends at the Orphanage .  Can't wait to see them in a couple weeks . 

 I got an update from Tanya as well.. One of the things she shared was about the three young girls that we support with your help.  Tanya and her Mom check up on them regularly, and bring food our what ever else is needed .  This day the brought them some groceries,   Below you can see Tanya with a couple of them .

they needed some wood split, and some other yard work done, so Larisa hired |Sasha from the mens home to come with them for the day to help out .  

I am looking forward to to having a little more time this spring to be able to get to know the girls a little better, but then, there are lots of things I am looking forward to.

We have just over a week , then we will be on route ourselves.  This time we are bringing our nephew ( for lack of a better term) with us for 2 and a half months. It will be great to have him along.  He was a great help at Christmas, and fell in love with the people at that time .  We are soo excited to have him along now.

 Tomorrow we have another friend departing Ukraine and heading to Tokmok for 3 months to help as well.  He is from Canada , and has been working Ukraine  since before Christmas,

Lynn and Ruby, along with David will be arriving the day before us.    It sure felt like a long winter or at least a long 2 months.. It will be great to be back it it.  Still not sure how this is all going to work with Julie no longer working .. we believe that this is where we are called and what we are to do, so I guess we just believe for Gods provision.

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Thank you for including the sister in your post!

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