Saturday, March 08, 2008

Womens day Party

There are so many incredible women here in Central Asia. They are like the women from Proverbs. Along with looking after there own households , they reach out to look after and defend the Orphans and widows ... and all those around them..... They are teens and teachers ,they are doctors and factory workers , they are wives and mothers....and today we had the opportunity to rise up and call them BLESSED .
And they were so blessed to be even invited to an evening dedicated to them. In a Male dominated society, this is something that is foreign to them. They were greeted with a small buffet , and so excited when they found out that they were going to get massages and their nails done. Before they left they were all given a Pashmina scarf and a set of candles. Then of course the ladies started to get a little carried away and me being the only man there made me a target!


D, P, S & J said...

that is a good tohing to be doing for the women over there..a good thing here too but it is nice to see them so happy and excited!

Hilary Marquis said...

Oh, it's deffinitely YOU! Perfect color *hahaha!* What color did they paint your nails? Seriously, it looks like everyone had a wonderful time, what a neat way to serve and minister to the ladies.

Ben Wright said...

I could have done without seeing that.

Anonymous said...

hey .. I'd recognize that layout of fruit tray .. nice job Johnny

We love and miss you ... Big prayer and we expect big answers!!!