Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Quiet Day

Last night, we left Emma and Bekah at the Orphanage for a few days..and will gather them and another group of the kids up on Friday morning for another action packed day..... Boy was everyone excited... This left us with a quiet day for today...

Julie stayed home and read, listened to music, did laundry, ate Honey Nut Cheerios and made earrings. She loved her day home alone..... I decided to go into the capital city with David and Jayne and catch up on a little business. Our first stop was at the Cancer hospital to check up on Pastor Elana... that story I will tell you ...maybe tomorrow... it deserves a few blogs of it's own.... then I payed the deposit for the yurt camp that we are going to when the youth team comes, Any way from there we went over to the Baby house. One of our readers had sent a donation and had asked for it to go to a need at the Baby house ... I am not sure if that is in town or the capital city, I am waiting to hear. I had a meeting with the new director there. I delivered more Vitamins and some other medication along with some beautiful clothes that were donated as promised on our last visit. I was picking his brain to see what kinds of items he wanted next ( if this indeed was going to be the recipient of the donation) He told me that what he really wanted was a baby ventilator ...... The thought stopped me in my tracks....In My little mind I place this as a need ... Not a want . I told him to give me the information on this and where it can be purchased, and I WILL get it for him.... OK so I stepped out and committed $400 and have a delivery date for him.... I sure hope this turns out to be the intended destination for the donation, but how can you deny a child breath...... Then the director shared a bit more... He would like to have the older kids to have an opportunity to experience more then just the four walls of the orphanage .... he would like to have on opportunity for them to go out to some parks or other outings... ...We were so thrilled to see the concern he had for the kids, not just physical, but the emotional development.. As we were leaving the office we ran into two incredible people that are already forging a relationship there. They stop in a few times a week to do massage therapy with the kids. They also help and support families that are trying to keep there kids at home but because of financialhardship might have to give them up. They also have a dream of one day being able to bring these kids on outings....Hmmm..... We met with them for lunch and had a great visit... It turns out that they have worked in other Central Asian Countries, and know many of the same people we do. I so wish we had crossed paths with them a lot sooner . The Dream that they have and the desire that they have to serve is one that I recognise..... I will do a post introducing them in a few weeks when we have had the opportunity to talk a little more. They seem to be good soil.... I look forward to planting with them , and I know some of you will as well. Oh I forgot to tell you about Altynai's graduation last night.... OK I will share a quick photo, and tell you more another day.


Anonymous said...

The King's Daughter never looked so beautiful.....she shines!
Congratulations much more in store for you....what a plan He has just around the corner.
God Rocks!
Love and blessings,
Judy B

Anonymous said...

Good thing I know you two better! After reading the first 14 words of this post I could have thought you were abandoning my Granddaughters:)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dress.. I'm getting so excited about coming over