Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"And when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them "

Food safety is not allways a big concern in central Asia. Many times, as a guest of the country, you have absolutely no idea what it is that you are eating. For me though, I could taste and even enjoy any meal, if they would just leave out the green stuff. It was every where, in every meal. The first day or two it was even palatable, but after a month, It would arrive on my plate, there it was greeting me, this disgusting wet sloppy green stuff. And if it could be left in one piece so I could remove it easily and graciously that would be one thing, but this stuff had a way of infesting every sq. Inch of every plate. I tried as I might to be thankfully, but my heart is not that pure, I wish it was but it's not. I tried asking for it to be left of my plate " Pashalsta Minya nyet hachoo зеленый. Minya ete nyet nravitza" No green for me please, I don't like it." they just gave me more. I'm told it is dill. I am a cook, I know Dill, This was not dill. It tasted more know the bitter part of a walnut in the center that you only ever eat once?...Even now to think of it turns my stomach.
I'm curious what meals some of you have experienced while traveling.

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